Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God’s Lake Narrows First Nation Band #296
Population: On Reserve – Approximately 1,600
Total Membership: Approximately 2,800 to 3,000.

Chief: Peter Watt
Councilors: Hubert Watt, Henry Nazzie,Ella Zettergren, Stan Duck, Sydney Spence, Leona Trout

On reserve we have 14 health projects and 1 Health Director

We also have a Nursing Station that has the following.
There are 5 ½ nurses that are E.F.T. (Equal full time) and usually 4 present at the station during working hours.
Maintenance, House Keeping, 2 Clerks, Part time Pharmacy Clerk
3 drivers during the day and on-call drivers at night
Doctor is here 5 weeks out of 6. On the 6th week doctor is at the God’s River First Nation.
Education k to grade 9 approx. 420
Adult Education approx. 15

We also have the following:
RCMP Detachment
Perimeter Aviation
5 room hotel Restaurant for visitors / Health Centre
Elderly Person's Home
3 churches (United Church, Roman Catholic and Evangelical Church)
1 Gas Bar
Community Centre
2 major stores 2 confectionery stores

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