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We also have the beautiful scenery and its creatures at times it can be very entertaining. So, this is one advantage of living near the wilderness as we don't need to go far.


Fishing is one of our major pastimes and also one of our main supports of income on the reserve. As there are alot of our members hired by the Lodges in the area.

God’s Lake Narrows First Nation Band #296
Population: On Reserve – Approximately 1,600
Total Membership: Approximately 2,800 to 3,000.

Chief: Peter Watt
Councilors: Hubert Watt, Henry Nazzie,Ella Zettergren, Stan Duck, Sydney Spence, Leona Trout

On reserve we have 14 health projects and 1 Health Director

We also have a Nursing Station that has the following.
There are 5 ½ nurses that are E.F.T. (Equal full time) and usually 4 present at the station during working hours.
Maintenance, House Keeping, 2 Clerks, Part time Pharmacy Clerk
3 drivers during the day and on-call drivers at night
Doctor is here 5 weeks out of 6. On the 6th week doctor is at the God’s River First Nation.
Education k to grade 9 approx. 420
Adult Education approx. 15

We also have the following:
RCMP Detachment
Perimeter Aviation
5 room hotel Restaurant for visitors / Health Centre
Elderly Person's Home
3 churches (United Church, Roman Catholic and Evangelical Church)
1 Gas Bar
Community Centre
2 major stores 2 confectionery stores